Open Source Program Office (OSPO)

  • Establish open source strategy based on business goals
  • Establish, hire, fundraise, and manage OSPO
  • Establish roadmaps for engagement with projects, open source foundations, and standardization bodies, etc.
  • Establish, track, and evaluate key performance metrics

Open Source Management

  • Internal governance of open source software
  • ​Transition an organization from a user of open source, to a participant, a contributor, and then to a leader in select open source projects
  • Establish a leading position in the open source ecosystem
  • Measure the impact and ROI of your open source activities via key metrics
  • Minimize and manage internally carried technical debt for adopted open source projects

Open Source Contributions

  • Implement an open source contribution infrastructure
  • Create a healthy contribution culture
  • Drive impact and achieve influence in key projects
  • Launch new open source projects
  • Launch new open source initiatives with business partners
  • Host projects with open source foundation​s

X Projects

  • Support with special open source projects – from ideation to public announcement
  • Manage teams focused on both internal R&D and open source upstream development

Open Source Consumption

  • Implement an infrastructure to support open source consumption
  • Create a healthy consumption culture​

​Open Source Audits in M&A Transactions

  • Support organizations with audits, review and analysis of results
  • Pre- and post-closing remediation plans
  • Evaluate existing M&A open source due diligence practices
  • Benchmark open source due diligence practices to industry best practices; provide recommendations for improvements


  • Support organizations with their open source research and publications

Practical Open Source Compliance

  • Implement and manage an open source compliance program
  • Assess compliance programs against industry best practices
  • Provide recommendations to improve existing programs
  • Support organizations in creating and setting up compliance policies, processes, tools, and workflows
  • Support organizations with their OpenChain certification application


  • Open source methodology and development
  • Open source compliance
  • Open source program office
  • Other – custom training development